Monday, July 26, 2010

The Press about "Made in Rotterdam"

João Nassif and Marcelo Gimenes
Since last week we have had a lot of positive reactions from the press.  João Nassif from "a Tribuna" was the first one to visit us.

Sabrina Scarpare looking at other paintings from the Barce foundation
Later that week at the "Gazeta de Piracicaba" we've been talking to Sabrina Scarpare (colunista social) and Daniele Ricci (jornalista).

Daniele Ricci, Marcelo e Jaap at Gazeta de Piracicaba

Today during the preparations at Engenho's,  Marcela Delphino from "Jornal de Piracicaba" held an interview and a photo session.
Marcela Delphino at Engenho Central

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