Friday, August 3, 2012

Impression of the opening night at the Museu Prudente de Moraes

Our latest project is a lottery for the VACCIP organization in Piracicaba Brazil. VACCIP is a group of volunteers helping children with cancer (and their families) by supporting them in various ways like giving information about nutrition and medication, mediation between patients and doctors, organizing daycare and special events for the little patients. 

For this cause we donated 35 artworks "O efeito beija-flor" and organized a lottery in the city Piracicaba (Sao Paulo). 

The event was held on the 27th of July at the historic museum "Prudente de Moraes" were the 35 artworks find their new owners during a very special evening. We have raised more than 18.000 reais (about 8000 euro's) at this event. All of this money will go directly to VACCIP. The foundation is building a new headquarter to accommodate more patients and to train more volunteers!

Marcelo Gimenes at the museum preparing the exhibition

The president of VACCIP handing a plaque

We are very proud to receive this plaque of appreciation

The volunteers of VACCIP drawing the lottery 

We like to thank everyone who supported us (in Brazil and the in Netherlands).

Prefeitura Piracicaba, Semac, Museu Prudente de Moraes, MBM Escritório de Ideias, Cristiane Sanches, Cristiane Kulig, Lígia de Almeida, Morro Grande Café, Bruno Alves,Bruno Fernandes Chamochumbi, Magali Sermarini, Grupo Casaretto Restaurantes, Padaria França de Piracicaba,Rosangela Camolese, Jornal de Piracicaba, Juliano Fantazia, Maria Antonieta Sachs Mendes, aos voluntários da Vaccip

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